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Beyond Yoga Services  

Sister Moon Yoga services LLC offers "Beyond Yoga Services."  We believe in using yoga and pranayama (the breath) to awaken and restore a happier, healthier you. We use techniques such as meditation, guided-mindfulness, trauma-sensitive yoga, and pranayama -- all of which aids in neuroplasticity (the rewiring of the brain and the way we think and see life). Our Beyond Yoga Services are innovative, we can create a course specifically for you. Below are two courses we have created for individual purposes and they have become quite popular. All courses offered can be private or group sessions.

Quit Smoking: Six-week Course

Are you trying to quit smoking? Reach out to me for ways to use yoga to help calm and soothe your mind and body as opposed to smoking. Maybe we can destress with yoga. The course will be heavy on meditation and pranayama, using the breath to help calm, soothe, and relax the mind and body.

This will be a six-week course; it can be a group session or private. Group sessions start once we have six or more attendees, private sessions start whenever you are ready. The course will be twice a week, for six weeks, and the price will be $35.00 a week or $190.00 if paid in full. Each session will run for 1.5 hours.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga: Four-week course

In this course, we'll practice guided-mindfulness Hatha Yoga. The sessions will include meditation, guided mindfulness, and yoga; we will blend these techniques, emphasizing the language spoken during each session. Indeed, people have triggers; thus, we will watch the words spoken. We offer group or private sessions; group sessions start once we have six or more attendees, private sessions start when you are ready.

The price will be $90 upfront for four-weeks of service or $25 a week for four weeks (classes are once a week). Each session will run for 1.5 hours.


We follow all HIPAA guidelines!

 I received my Bachelors of Science degree from Neumann University, and I'm a current graduate student at West Chester University, I graduate in May 2021. I received several yoga certifications from Yoga & Ayurveda Center. I hold several nursing certifications. For in-person sessions, note, I am BLS certified.

For more information, or to leave a detailed message about how we can assist you, ​please use the contact form below. Thank you and Peace and blessings


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