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I'm an Integrated Health & Wellness Practitioner:  I became interested in holistic health when I was diagnoses with Multiple sclerosis (MS) over 20 years ago. Today I have 16 years in remission (meaning no symptoms/relapses). My goal is to assist others in living their best life possible, with maladies. Let's put our illness to sleep, for as long as possible. Let's live healthier so our bodies can be lean, mean disease-fighting machines. Email me your inquiries. I specialize in MS, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, and Preventative Care.

Chronic Disease Questionnaire 

Interview Guide for Adults with Chronic Diseases

In terms of wellness, a chronic disease is a condition that is ongoing, persistent, and lasting with no long-term cure; the condition is often relapsing and remitting. In other words, a person will have a specific disease or health condition for the entirety of their life; they will experience good intervals and bad intervals. This interview guided is developed to understand the needs of adults with chronic (long-term) health conditions and their willingness to participate in health and wellness programs.

Chronic Disease Cycle


Behavioral beliefs:

1.Do you believe lifestyle has an impact on health and wellness? Why is that so?

2.Do you think outside sources, other than your PCP, have the power to assist in a healthier, happier you? Why is that so?

3.Are you willing to give outside sources a try? Are you willing to try holistic approaches to aid in your wellness?

Evaluation of Behavioural Outcomes:

1.Do you believe that health is wealth? Why is that so?

2.Will a healthier you allow you to work and be more productive in life?

3.If so, how will that add value to your life? What is it that you wish to do, but feel as though your illness prevents?

Normative Beliefs:

1.Do you think a wellness program will/can offer resources to assist in your overall health and wellbeing?

2.Are you willing to speak with the wellness program to see what resources and/or information they have for you?

3.Have you or someone you know ever participated in a wellness program? If so, what was the outcome?

Motivation to Comply:

1.What are your thoughts, feelings, and/or concerns about a wellness program?

2.Are you willing to participate in a health and wellness program?

3.The program could last a few weeks; do you have the time and/or resources to commit?

4.If time or transportation is an issue, bus fare/tokens will be provided, as well as phone/zoom conferences.

Control Beliefs:

1.If you decide to participate in the wellness program, how involved do you think you will be?

2.Do you feel as though peer counseling offers a powerful impact on individuals who are experiencing similar circumstances?

3.Are you aware that the wellness program is voluntary? You can stop at any time if you feel as though the program isn’t working for you.

Perceived Power:

1.If you decide to join the wellness program, what is your expected outcome? In other words, what do you hope to get out of the program?

2.Do you feel as though the wellness program will be beneficial to you?

3.I read someplace that people are only as successful as they choose to be—when enrolling in health and wellness programs; do you believe this statement to be true?

Demographic questions:

1.May I ask, what year were you born?

2.What health condition is lingering within?

3.What gender do you identify with (if face-to-face that question could be obvious)? Backup question (A) What race do you identify with?

Miscellaneous Questions:

1.How active are you? In other words, do you get at least 30-minutes of exercise daily?

2.How do you prepare your food, and do you see yourself as a healthy eater?

3.What do you know about free radicals, oxidation, and antioxidants? Are you willing to learn more on this subject, (if needed)?

4.The wellness program offers face-to-face meetings, over the phone, as well as zoom/skype conferences. Our goal is to make this health and wellness program assessable to everyone who wishes to participate in it. Peace and Blessings! 

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