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Browse our services below: These prices are for Studio Sessions. Online Services  are discounted

Mindfulness Services Day Pass

This pass is $50 per session which offers up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of mindfulness services. 

Ordained Ministries 

Love offerings are accepted, or the initial session is free via zoom, facetime, etc., with Sister Moon. 

For the price of ministry services, please click the Ceremonies by DOASM link above.

Guided-Mindfulness Yoga: Day Pass

This pass is $30.00, it offers a guided-mindfulness yoga flow. In this 1 hour session, we blend guided-mindfulness and yoga; the goal is to focus on the movement and how we feel within!  


Yoga: Monthly Pass

This monthly pass is $100, which gets you 5 sessions Sister Moon or her staff. 

Please Scroll down to review selected yoga videos, and to go to my storefronts. 

Please scroll down to view YOGA videos

Self-care is a necessity

Videos & Yoga Apparel 

Rise Up: Motivational Video with Sister Moon 

I invite you to join me as we find ways to calm, soothe, relax and strengthen our mind and body. 


I invite you to join Sister Moon and associates as we work on ways to balance the three Dosha: Kapha, Pitta, Vata

Sister Moon Apparel & Accessories. Please click the links below

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